Our Mission

4ATX Foundation seeks to close the opportunity gap and create Austin’s next generation of leaders by providing access to youth development opportunities on and off the pitch.

Our Vision 

We envision an equitable Central Texas community where all youth are positioned to become key stakeholders in Austin’s future and keep Austin vibrant, inclusive, and confident.

4ATX Approach

4ATX Foundation is built upon five core values that together show what it means to be VERDE.

Empowerment - We are here to strengthen community leaders and organizations who precede us, and give power to our future generation of leaders. 

Inclusivity - We strive to understand and connect with one another, regardless of who we are or where we come from.

Access & Opportunity - We aspire to shape an Austin that provides access and opportunity for all youth, not just those whose families can afford it. 

Intersectionality - We view the world through an intersectional lens, because we understand that race, gender, class, and other social positions have a cumulative effect on people's experiences. 

Familia - We believe that community at its best is like familia. We will show up for each other and do the work together, no matter how hard it gets

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Verde Leaders



Verde and Black Podcast

Verde and Black Podcast

A deep dive into the culture of Austin FC and life in Austin, TX. Adrian Healey, the club's TV Play by Play voice, leads a bi-weekly journey through the stories and personalities that shape America's newest pro club in America's most interesting city.