• Eric Hagen
    Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel
  • Jinny Reif
    Vice President, Finance
  • Susana Wolfe
    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Ryan Fannin
    Vice President, Information Technology
  • Spencer Smallwood
    Systems Administrator
  • Erin Garner
  • Florencio Gutierrez
    Staff Accountant
  • William Hogan
    Jr. Staff Accountant
  • Zayne Matulis-Thomajan
  • Sr. Manager, Club Operations


  • Trennis Jones
    Vice President, Community Impact
  • Gissela Santa Cruz
    Director, Community Impact · Email
  • Rocio "Rocky" Zapata
    Community Impact Manager · Email

4ATX Foundation

  • Kaitlin Mauro
    Foundation Executive Director · Email
  • Jordan Marden
    Director, Youth Development · Email
  • Pepe Rangel
    Coordinator, Youth Development · Email
  • Wesley Davidson
    Program Manager
  • Horacio Pena
    Program Manager


  • Clark Beacom
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Alison Roscoe
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships · Email
  • Chris Quinn
    Vice President, Business Development and Strategy Partnerships · Email
  • JP Lococo
    Director, Corporate Partnerships · Email
  • Jordan Arredondo
    Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  • Andrew DiMario
    Sales Manager, Corporate Partnerships · Email
  • Julia Lenhardt
    Corporate Partnerships Coordinator
  • Kyra Aronne
    Corporate Partnerships Solutions Coordinator


  • James Ruth
    Senior Vice President, Marketing
  • Ryan Madden
    Vice President, Communications & Media
  • Adrian Healey
    Executive Director, Broadcast and Content
  • Michael Lahoud
    English Language TV Broadcast Analyst
  • Alie Jackson
    Creative Director
  • Megan Lindon
    Director, Marketing
  • Justin Drum
    Director, Match Presentation
  • Taylor Miller
    Coordinator, Match Presentation
  • Alfredo Naim
    Senior Manager, Community Marketing
  • Daniel Alvarado
    Senior Manager, Social and Content
  • Massimo Nuzzo
    Coordinator, Social Media Creative
  • Gabe Phelan
    Senior Design Lead
  • Stephen Plodinec
    Graphic Designer
  • Cameron Koubek
    Coordinator, Communications & Media
  • Emely Alvarado
    Coordinator, Communications & Media
  • Luis Herrera
    Coordinator, Community Marketing
  • Tony Ho
    Coordinator, Marketing
  • Pierina Inciarte
    Sr. Videographer
  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Lead Photographer
  • Jacob Staedler
  • Ian Beckley


  • Jordan Enke
    Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations · Email
  • Weston Appelfeller
    Vice President, Grounds
  • Audrey Bounds
    Director, Event Booking · Email
  • Nick Otte
    Sr, Director, Stadium Operations
  • Mike Fogel
    Sr. Director, Safety and Security
  • Tanner Coffman
    Assistant Director, Grounds
  • Emily Pringle
    Sr. Manager, Guest Services
  • Kathryn O'Neill
    Sr. Manager, Events
  • Felix Avila
    Facilities Manager
  • Jose Bautista
    Stadium Engineer
  • Daylen Turk
    Manager, A/V
  • Gabe Becker
    Coordinator, Event Services
  • Luke Bentley
    Q2 Stadium Sport Turf Manager
  • Rupert Collett
    Assistant Director, Ground
  • Emma Caves
    Coordinator, Security
  • Xavier Mora-Sanchez
    Coordinator, Stadium Operations
  • Andrew Thompson
    Groundskeeper, Q2 Stadium
  • Jaret Lyttle
  • John Forst
    Facilities Coordinator
  • Sydney Johnson
    Events Coordinator
  • Merritt Moreau
    Event Booking Coordinator


  • Avin Assomull
    Senior Vice President, Sales & Service ·Email
  • Andrew Flynn
    Vice President, Sales & Service · Email
  • Harrison Kim
    Vice President, Business Strategy · Email
  • Spencer Della
    Director, Ticket Operations · Email
  • Sasha Murray
    Director of Services · Email
  • Nick Makarov
    Business Solutions Analyst · Email
  • Dylan Calamoneri
    Ticket Operations Coordinator · Email
  • Luca De La Pena
    CRM & Email Marketing Analyst · Email
  • Xavi Acosta
    Membership Services Executive · Email
  • Nick Aparicio
    Account Executive · Email
  • Monett Borrego
    Membership Services Executive· Email
  • Will Hansen
    Membership Services Executive · Email
  • Elise Hawn
    Account Executive · Email
  • Dante Mauricio
    Premium Service Executive · Email
  • Conor Pernetti
    Member Services Executive · Email
  • Erick Quintero
    Membership Services Executive · Email
  • Brooke Weatherford
    Membership Services Executive · Email