Crown Royal, the official whiskey sponsor of Austin FC, exists to inspire exceptional generosity. Through their “That Deserves a Crown” program, Crown Royal recognizes and celebrates those who are making a difference in their community.

Retired, Disabled U.S. Army Military Officer Calvin Turner

With 11 years of distinguished Active-duty service, Calvin Turner (pictured middle-left) sustained injuries from a helicopter crash that killed ten soldiers. Following his medical retirement from the Army, Calvin went on to earn a master’s degree Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Texas at Austin with the highest honors.

For almost three decades, Calvin has provided professional counseling to Veterans and Active-duty Military Members, and through his work with Capital City Rehab Group, Calvin serves individuals, Military Service Members and firms find solutions to achieve personal independence, fulfill their vocational potential, and assist each person through transitional periods in their personal and professional lives.


Detective Michael Rhone

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Detective Michael Rhone (pictured on the right) has directly impacted the Austin and Texas communities for the past 32 years, including 21 years with the Austin Police Department and 9 serving within the Attorney General’s office.

Detective Rhone has activated his degree from North Texas, experience as a UNT football letter-winner, and leadership developed within Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity to create inclusive spaces within Austin. As an extension of his servant leadership and years as a Peace Officer, Detective Rhone is President of the Texas Peace Officers Association, Austin Branch (TPOA) where he advocates for a stronger and healthier relationship between law enforcement and those they serve.