4ATX Foundation’s Verde Leaders program works year-round to close opportunity gaps for students from low-income neighborhoods by providing a safe environment to grow and learn on the field, in the classroom and in life, and last Friday, the program’s students had a chance to harness their leadership skills.  

The program began with a presentation of Q2, giving students the opportunity to learn about the company and the software industry. 30 Verde Leaders then took a tour of Q2 Stadium accompanied by Verde Leaders staff members and Q2 employees. 

Following the tour, the group reconvened for a series of leadership development activities, including restorative circles and team-building exercises that allowed Verde Leaders and Q2 employees to interact and practice their communication skills.  

The event ended with a panel where Q2 employees shared about their careers and personal and professional journeys.   

Verde Leaders Get Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Q2 Stadium