Immediately after Austin FC takes on FC Dallas in Major League Soccer action on June 25, the Special Olympics Unified Teams for each of the two clubs will play a match of their own at Q2 Stadium. Kickoff is expected at approximately 10:30 p.m. CT, and the match will feature two 15-minute halves.

On April 24, members of the Austin FC Unified Team gathered at St. David’s Performance Center, the world-class training facility of the Austin FC First Team and Academy, for signing day activities and their first practice together. The Unified Team athletes, who range in age from 16 to 25, took signing photos in front of an Austin FC backdrop inside the team’s facility, then headed out to Parmer Field for a training session.

The full Austin FC Unified Team roster is below:

Austin FC Unified Coaches

  • Amy Wiesenhutter
  • Nicki Huschka

Austin FC Unified Roster

  • Zach Wilkinson, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Christian Bradshaw, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Parker Matthews, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Daulton Swenson, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Gavin Shipp, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Lance Sorensen, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Hannah Duncan, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Matthew Wells, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Matthew Weiser, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Ashton Crocker, Special Olympics Athlete
  • Kennedy Huschka, Unified Partner
  • Ike Ruiz, Unified Partner
  • Nate Autry, Unified Partner
  • Mariza Casarez, Unified Partner
  • Mady Zamora, Unified Partner
  • Kendra Zamora, Unified Partner