Austin FC, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, Founding Partners Plant 24 Trees With Help Of TreeFolks


To kick off the 2024 season, Austin FC staff (including President Andy Loughnane), Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, TreeFolks, and the Club's founding partners Q2, St. David’s Healthcare, YETI, and Netspend planted 24+ trees at Dove Springs District Park.  In 2019, Austin FC's non-profit, 4ATX Foundation, built a mini pitch in the same Dove Springs community.  This year's opportunity is the 4th annual Season Kickoff planting event and combined with previous support resulted in over 10k trees planted in the Austin-area since 2018.

“We’re grateful for the support of our partners in making our season kickoff tree-planting event possible for a fourth consecutive year, and we’re looking forward to a terrific season ahead,” said Austin FC President Andy Loughnane.

Partner Bulleit Frontier Whiskey aligns with Austin FC's sustainability efforts, connecting this planting to their goal of planting and restoring 2.5M trees by 2026.  

“We are so thrilled to be partnering with Austin FC and TreeFolks as a continuation of our Tree Equity commitment by creating real change and bringing impactful plantings to the Austin, Texas community”, shared Jehrime Chadwick, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Cultural Ambassador.

The Club and Bulleit Frontier Whiskey's tree planting locations are selected to bring trees to historically marginalized communities, which tend to have fewer trees, as well as areas that need trees for climate resilience. Increasing access to the benefits of tree canopy means adding more heat-reducing shade, fresh air, clean water, and climate protection like flood mitigation.