Homestay Header

Austin FC Academy is committed to the Central Texas soccer community and constantly monitors players in Central Texas. At the same time, Austin FC Academy attracts elite youth soccer players from around the country who want to play for Austin FC Academy. Our Club is ambitious, and to meet our ambitious goals of consistently developing professional soccer players, we will recruit elite level players into our system. Integrating elite talent from various cultures and backgrounds will facilitate the holistic and sporting development of each player within Austin FC Academy. We aim to be highly selective and professional when recruiting out-of-market players and will do so on a limited basis.

We have developed a homestay program to accommodate these deeply committed, elite youth players from outside of Central Texas. The homestay program consists of local families hosting an Austin FC Academy player, accommodating his everyday needs, and facilitating his participation in the Austin FC Academy. Austin FC Academy staff have developed a diligent application and review process for potential host families and players to match players with a safe, caring, and healthy family environment.

The Experience

Sharing your home with an Austin FC player will provide a unique and enriching opportunity for your entire family!

  • You will play an integral role in supporting Austin FC’s player development pathway and the holistic and sporting development of individual players.
  • Austin FC Academy players come from all over the country, with diverse backgrounds and culture which will provide host family members the opportunity to interact with unique backgrounds and cultures.
  • Deepen your connection with Austin FC and gain a new perspective on soccer, as seen through the eyes of an elite player.
  • You will have an opportunity to build a relationship with, and offer support to, a dedicated young athlete as he works to achieve his goals.

The Expectation

Austin FC expects host families to provide: 

  • 3 meals a day and healthy snacks
  • A quiet and engaging study environment
  • Transportation to and from Austin FC Academy functions
  • Internet and television access as appropriate
  • Laundry access
  • Supervision of the individual’s safety
  • Assistance with the player’s Academy and personal growth process
  • Transportation to received medical care (player will remain on their family insurance)
  • A safe and supportive family environment
  • Assistance with participation in community activities
  • Communication with the players primary family and Austin FC Academy staff



Date Action
June-July Player and host family matching period
July-August Player and host family selection period; Player moves in with host family, Academy season begins in August
December First half of Academy season concludes
December-January MLS Academy holiday break
January Second half of MLS Academy season begins
June-July Second half of MLS Academy concludes