PRESS: Austin FC Announces ATXFC Artist Initiative

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ATXFC Artist Initiative to feature over a dozen Austin-based artists at Q2 Stadium and St. David’s Performance Center alongside other executions in 2021; SherwinWilliams to supply all paint-based products for the initiative; Austin FC to partner with Austin-based nonprofit Creative Action

Austin, Texas– Austin FC announced today the launch of the ATXFC Artist Initiative, a platform to engage local Austin artists and incorporate original Austin-inspired artwork into Q2 Stadium, St. David’s Performance Center, and a series of other creative executions to celebrate Austin’s artist community.

The Initiative will feature a rotating mural at Q2 Stadium’s The Zebra Gate with three (3) original pieces of artwork featured in 2021. It will also see additional murals at Q2 Stadium and the St. David’s Performance Center.

Sherwin-Williams, the Official Paint Supplier of Austin FC, will supply all paint-products used for the murals. Austin FC and select artists will also work together on a series of consumer products collaborations and a match posters series, where Austin artists celebrate each home match with a custom match poster. The match poster series is made possible in collaboration with The Zebra.

To support Austin’s next generation of artists, the Club will feature round-up donations at the Verde Store to Creative Action, an arts-based youth development organization that provides creative learning programs for Central Texas youth, during select windows in the season. “Austin FC aims to be a catalyst for all the things that make Austin the city we love. The creative community sits at the center of Austin’s identity, and we’re excited to launch a platform to celebrate that community,” commented James Ruth, Austin FC Senior Vice President of Marketing. “Austin’s creativity is visible throughout the city, and it felt right for us to extend that creativity to the experience at Q2 Stadium.”

Inspired by one of the Club’s community pillars, Confidence for Creativity, the Initiative empowers the local artist community to be part of Austin FC’s identity, while elevating some of the City’s most important creators. As Austin FC continues to solidify its position as a stakeholder in Austin, the Club is dedicated to partnering with those who make Austin creative and unique through the ATXFC Artists Initiative platform.

“This project is an opportunity for Austin FC to inspire Confidence for Creativity in Austin and use our platform to support our city’s creative community, from accomplished creatives to young, aspiring artists,” commented Kaitlin Swarts, Austin FC Vice President of Community Impact.

Austin FC will work with over a dozen Austin-based artists in 2021, including Chris Rogers, Will Bryant, Matthew Rodriguez, Will Hatch Crosby, Emily Eisenhart, ZuZu Perkal, Sloke One, Good Snake, Peelander Yellow, Erik Ross, Jonathan ‘Chaka’ Mahone, Joel Corral, Beth Consetta Rubel and Tara Johnston. Rogers, Bryant, and Rodriguez will create an original piece of artwork for the rotating mural at Q2 Stadium’s The Zebra Gate. Will Hatch Crosby will create an original piece of artwork to be featured at St. David’s Performance Center.

“I love that Austin FC is teaming up with local artists on such a prominent location within the stadium,” commented Will Bryant, Austin-based artist, designer, and illustrator. “I'm so excited that Austin has its own Club to support! It's a huge honor to be able to work with Austin FC early on and contribute to the identity of the Club.” “I appreciate the ATXFC Artist Initiative. Its aim to reach Austin’s rich history and vibrant creative community is beautiful,” commented Muralist and Live-event Painter, Chris Rogers. “It’s a massive honor to be creating a mural at Q2 Stadium. One of the main joys I get from creating art is having people experience it. To know tens of thousands of people will see my work at any given home match is nothing short of amazing.”

“The ATXFC Artists Initiative is such a unique platform, and it highlights Austin FC’s focus on representing all of Austin from day one.” commented Mural Artist, Matthew Rodriguez. “Having my art featured at Q2 Stadium is a huge honor, and I thank Austin FC for recognizing my work.”

Show Goat Murals Works will collaborate with the three (3) rotating mural artists to assist with the installations. Supporters of the mural community in Central Texas, Show Goat Works brings together the talent and styles of local creatives to continue building a collaborative art culture in Austin.

Creative Action is the largest arts education organization in Central Texas. It has delivered high-quality arts enrichment and educational programs to +200,000 youth and families. Every Creative Action program uses arts learning to inspire young people as creative artists, critical thinkers, courageous allies, and confident leaders to help them become successful adults who thrive in their careers and relationships and contribute to their communities. As part of the initiative, Austin FC will work with Creative Action to feature round-up contributions in the Verde Store and offer the opportunity to ATXFC artists to work and mentor students from the program.