Local Nonprofit Con Mi MADRE Reflects on Growth Made Possible by Q-mmunity Gives Grant

Con Mi Madre 5

There’s still time to apply for the 2022 Q-mmunity Gives grant program, through which Q2 and Austin FC support Central Texas nonprofits each year. Applications are open through next Tuesday, October 25. Click here to apply and here to learn more.

Con Mi MADRE, a nonprofit focused on empowering young Latinas and their mothers through education and support services that increase preparedness, participation, and success in post-secondary education, was one of three Q-mmunity Gives grant recipients in 2021. We checked in with them recently to learn how the grant has helped further their mission and impact.

Q2: How is your organization doing? Biggest highlight from 2022? 

Con Mi MADRE spent the last academic school year updating our social-emotional and post-secondary readiness curriculum. With the help of a consulting team, staff feedback, and current research/literature, we have an updated curriculum that is grade-level appropriate, centered on students’ needs, and culturally appropriate. Furthermore, we now have a training tool that will be utilized at the beginning of each school year to train staff on proper curriculum implementation and how to utilize trauma-informed instruction.

This past school year was the first year we returned to in-person services after the pandemic. Reengaging students and reconnecting with campus staff was difficult, but overall, our Con Mi MADRE participants accomplished great things. From our graduating seniors 96% graduated high school and 76% immediately enrolled to a postsecondary education compared to the 90% graduation and 49% postsecondary enrollment rate from the state (E3 Alliance). This proved that even with great uncertainty and constant pivoting, our participants still prioritized their goals and worked hard for that vision of a college education.

Q2: How has your organization grown in the past year?

The leadership team at Con Mi MADRE initiated conversations with district leaders at Del Valle ISD last year in hopes of establishing a partnership. Both sides agreed that there was a dire need for our services in that community, and we obtained approval to start recruiting a 6th grade cohort at select middle schools. This academic year, 2022-2023, will be the first year we provide our services at Del Valle. 

Furthermore, Con Mi MADRE is currently working on establishing partnerships with other community-based organizations, like CIS, to discuss ways we can come together and collaborate on the services we provide and better meet the needs of the community.

Q2: What are some of the direct impacts the grant has made on your organization?

The biggest impact this grant has had for our organization is community awareness. This grant put a spotlight on the services we have provided and the legacy we have worked so hard to build for over 13 years. Important leaders and entities from the community have reached out to contribute resources, talent, funding, and volunteers to our cause. Because of that, our development and programming team has had to establish a system to train volunteers due to an increase demand for involvement. We are eager to continue our work by bringing in more people from the community. 

Q2: What is next for your organization and what goals do you have for future growth and impact?

Since this academic year is the pilot year for our updated curriculum, we seek to utilize the summer months to reflect and gather feedback from staff, participants, and campus contacts. With this information we will modify any lessons or teaching strategies to better meet the needs of the participants. Our goal will be to finalize this curriculum and officially adopt it for the following year. Also with this new curriculum, we will reevaluate assessment tools and make any changes to our evaluation model. Aside from curriculum, we seek to continue our services to other regions who have students that can benefit from our programming. This growth consists of meeting with school district leaders and conducting recruitment to establish a solid 6th grade cohort.