As Austin FC’s inaugural season comes to a close, I feel inspired, knowing that while it may feel like the end, it’s really just the beginning.

At Austin FC, we have a saying: “It’s a 100-Year-War”. It means that we take the long view. It means we realize that for a tree to grow big and beautiful, you first must plant the seed. 100-years from now when a future generation of Verde and Black fans reflect on our inaugural year, they’ll view 2021 as the year the seed was first planted, and the roots began to take hold. They’ll remember it as the year that Austin came together, the year that lifelong friendships started, and the year that a soccer club came to represent our community.  

To every person who came to Q2 Stadium this season (and traveled to road matches) to cheer on Austin FC: thank you. Your uniquely-Austin display of pride, passion, and creative spirit helped us lay the foundation for something different and special. Your belief in Austin FC as a conduit for civic pride helped capture the imagination of countless fans in Austin, throughout Central Texas, and around the world. For that, you should be proud. And on behalf of everyone at Austin FC, we are grateful.

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To our Supporters: the cultural and community successes of Year One are, in large part, a product of the time, energy and emotional investment put forth by you. You’re our heartbeat. You’ve built an inclusive culture that celebrates all that makes Austin special, and along the way made our matchdays the best and most joyful in MLS. With respect and admiration, we say thank you.

Over the last year, Austin FC players have worn the Verde and Black with pride. They served as an inspiration for our community both on and off the field. Day and night, behind closed doors and under bright verde lights, they put in countless hours of work to make Austin proud. They gave us moments that will be remembered at this Club forever. To every player on our inaugural team, and on behalf of everyone from Austin FC, we say thank you for your time, your energy, and your effort.

And lastly, to Austin FC staff and partners, thank you for your passion and your commitment to building a club Austin can be proud of. You’ve helped prove that Austin is a soccer city, and your dedication and commitment to your craft has been wonderful to watch.

And as we look ahead, we are already planning for 2022 and beyond. As our roots grow stronger, we recognize and accept the expectation that our Club will evolve and improve. Our staff and players will work tirelessly to achieve success between the white lines. The work is ongoing. Success takes time and this season only increases our motivation and drive. Our players commit every day to being better versions of themselves. They fight for the city and for the fans, and I know that we will not rest until we’re collectively lifting trophies for Austin.

Thank you all for your support. It’s a 100-Year-War.

This is just the beginning.