Jon Gallagher Makes AISD en Verde Visit To Cook Elementary

AISD en Verde

On October 17, Austin FC defender stopped by Cook Elementary School for the AISD en Verde program’s fourth visit to schools around Austin. Gallagher spent time with Cook Elementary 5th graders and discussed their own childhoods, the importance of literacy, perseverance, and discipline in the face of adversity.

 AISD en Verde was established to serve Central Texas Title 1 Elementary schools, with a focus on inspiring kids to develop a passion for reading. As part of the program, books are donated to the school library from locally-owned Black Pearl Books and local author Mike Bhatt, and students were invited to attend an Austin FC match at Q2 Stadium. Previous AISD en Verde visits were made by Austin FC midfielder Ethan Finlay (Pillow Elementary), winger CJ Fodrey (Padron Elementary), goalkeeper Damian Las (Padron Elementary), and midfielder Dani Pereira (Reilly Elementary).