Chef Sam's Specials: Aug. 26


Mesquite Smoked Spare Ribs | Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ (Section 137)
Valentina's brings it every matchday. Chef's recommendation for this match is this slow-smoked, secret-red-sprice-rubbed set of Spare Ribs, served with pickles, onions, fresh handmade tortillas and topped with habanero mustard sauce. Can't get that in Los Angeles.

Burrito Asadero | Casa Chapala (Section 121)
Listos? A massive flour tortilla is stuffed with chile marinated steak, pico de gallo, monterrey jack cheese and charro beans.

Freshly Baked Pepperoni Rolls | Double Dave's (Section 122)
What Double Dave's does best. Crispy and fluffy pizza dough, Double Dave's signature pizza sauce, provolone cheese, sliced pepperoni, marinara and ranch for slam dunking.