If Austin FC fans tried one different local concession vendor at each 2021 match, they’ll still have a few to check off in 2022. 

“We’ve got more Austin vendors than Austin FC home matches,” said Chef Sam Boisjoly, of 512 Food. Co. “If you only have a few hours to see Austin, there’s no better place to do it than an Austin FC match at Q2 Stadium.,”

512 Food Co. and Chef Boisjoly have overseen food and beverage at Q2 Stadium for all Austin FC matches in its Inaugural Season, welcoming over 20 local vendors each match and a dozen more through the rotational showcase stand, The Austin Table.

“At Q2 Stadium, we want you to feel like you’re in an Austin neighborhood,” said Chef Boisjoly. “Not only because of the energy from the fans, the music of the supporters and the art, but also because of the food.”

When Austin FC set out to create the ultimate Austin experience at Q2 Stadium in its Inaugural Season, 512 Food Co. and Chef Boisjoly were right at the center of it. And ever since, they’ve been bringing the heat.

Long familiar with the Austin food scene, Chef Sam’s special relationship with Austin cuisine and its creators has helped make Austin FC matches as Q2 Stadium one of the best sporting experiences in the state of Texas.

“Some people come to a sporting event with the expectation of stadium fare, but that can be a low bar. We have a real, Austin-curated food and beverage experience unlike any other venue here for you here at Q2 Stadium.”

It’s much more than just popcorn and hot dogs.

“Central American, Costa Rican, the Austin Table, the best BBQ in Texas – Valentina’s – is all at Q2 Stadium. Our vendors are always doing something unique.”

One of the most unique options is always going to be the Austin Table, a rotating concession stand highlighting food options from favorite local chefs and restaurants. On deck for the Home Finale on Nov. 3 is Chef Joseph Cross, an under-the-radar, Indian chef in Austin.

“He’s not a big name, he’s not a fancy chef all over Instagram. But he does really good food and he loves serving this city. That’s what we care about. Fans are going to love what he’s serving up on Nov. 3.”


If there’s one vendor Austin FC fans haven’t tried, Chef Sam says Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ is a must. In addition to the Brisket Taco with Verde Salsa, Chef Miguel Vidal does a special every match.

“One of my favorites this year was a whole-bone in beef shank that he shredded for tacos. Unreal presentation.”

Looking for other new things to try at Q2 Stadium? Chef Sam has you covered with some other Austin favorites.

Casa Chapala's Verde Torta (Section 121) and T-Loc's Yellow Card Hot Dog (Section 119) are top of mind for Chef Sam. If you haven't tried one of the more than 20 tacos on offer at Q2 Stadium, the Trompo Pastor Tacos from One Taco (Section 107) are a good place to start. And for vegans and vegetarians, try the Creamy Veggie Bao from Bao'd Up (Section 118), a vegan bao bun packed with chopped broccoli, cabbage, edamame and vegan cheese and seared to perfection. Don’t sleep on the spicy vegan mayo and coleslaw on the side.

Austin FC’s match on Wednesday, Nov. 3 is your last chance to experience the world-class food and drinks on offer at Q2 Stadium. Chef Sam’s best advice:

“Come early. That’s the best way to see everything and all the different offerings. You want to have first choice. And you’ll want to walk it off."