Austin FC Holds "Mentorship: Una Comunidad Fuerte" Panel Discussion Presented by Austin Telco FCU


In advance of the Austin FC vs. D.C. United match on October 4, 2023 and in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, ATXFC hosted “Mentorship: Una Comunidad Fuerte" Presented by Austin Telco FCU.  This panel conversation focused around the significance of mentorship, especially in the Hispanic community.

Topics discussed included the importance of paying homage to mentors that have served all of us, how leaders can establish a culture of service, and the power of paying forward the privileges we receive.  

Our Panelists and their perspective:

Robert Hernandez

President and CEO, Austin Telco Federal Credit Union

“It is important for those who have experienced a level of success within their respective fields, that they in turn identify and facilitate the advancement of others into leadership roles through continuous mentorship.  This not only promotes the credit union philosophy of people helping people, but also promotes the notion of leaders helping leaders.”

Chantal Flores-Malagon

UT Student / Verde Fellow

"In Hispanic culture, mentorship often embodies the essence of Sacrifice, where success isn't just a personal achievement, but a dedication to opening doors and fighting for new opportunities for future generations, creating a legacy that challenges and empowers others to do the same."

Karen Vilches

Executive Assistant, KOJO / Big Sister with Big Brother Big Sisters

“I think people may shy away from or be afraid of the commitment of 'mentorship' because they're afraid of "doing it wrong," or not having enough time to do it greatly. I've come to realize that at its core, mentorship is about one thing: consistency. You become a mentor when you're committed to being there for someone, even if it's not perfect (and it never will be). What matters is that you're up for showing up, time and time again, whether it's a 3 second text message or a 3-hour conversation.”

Yuri Gamez

Clinical Instructor, Cardiac Critical Care Nurse and Secretary of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) Austin Chapter

“We thrive when we help each other.”