Austin FC Community Stepping Up with Austin Pets Alive! Adoptions

The Austin FC community is showing up in a big, meaningful way this summer.

Since Austin FC’s first home match in June, and the first APA! Mascot of the Match Geraldine, six dogs have found forever homes as part of the honorary mascot partnership between Austin FC and Austin Pets Alive!. Founded as a unique and innovative way to showcase adoptable shelter dogs, the partnership will continue through the end of the season as APA! continues to give these animals a second chance at life.

The six dogs that have been adopted by incredible Austinites and Austin FC supporters include:

  • Corn: July 31 Mascot of the Match, adopted by Erinn and Becky DeVoss.
  • Marmalade: July 22 Mascot of the Match, adopted by Robert and Amanda Avery.
  • Heidi: July 13 Mascot of the Match, adopted by Laura Evanoff and Christa Signor.
  • Candy: July 7 Mascot of the Match, adopted by Kati and Luke Brandon.
  • Oso: July 1 Mascot of the Match, adopted by John Paul ‘JP’ Cook Cook.
  • Geraldine: June 19 Mascot of the Match, adopted by Eve and George Monaghan.

Many of these dogs have been in the shelter for long periods of time. One of them, Marmalade, was in the shelter system for more than four years before being taken home by Robert and Amanda Avery.

The program has extended far beyond the stadium gates. Heidi, adopted by Laura Evanoff and Christa Signor after Austin FC’s match on July 13 vs. Club Tigres UANL, was spotted by Evanoff in a video of Heidi at the Austin FC match on the APA! Facebook page.

“When Heidi was the Austin FC Mascot of the Match, we were able to see how wonderful and gentle she interacted in public and with other people. That was it – we knew she was our dog.” Evanoff said. “Now she’s an official member of our family!”

One Mascot of the Match, Legacy, is still up for adoption after her appearance at the June 29 match. To learn more about Legacy, click here.

A number of these pets were fostered before being made a part of their forever family. Corn was taken in after the July 31 match by Erinn and Becky Devoss. Not long after, Corn was welcomed into their home on a permanent basis.

With such a strong show of support from the Austin community, APA! has been able to shelter more animals and save more lives.

Aligned with Austin’s status as the country’s largest “no-kill” city, Austin FC and Austin Pets Alive! promote rescue, adoption, foster and volunteerism efforts through this unique community platform. A different dog from Austin Pets Alive! attends each home match and eggreets excited fans with the ultimate goal of finding them an adopter.

For over a decade, Austin Pets Alive! Has given over 90,000 animals a second chance at life. This partnership with Austin FC provides another avenue for Austin Pets Alive! to create awareness around the shelter animals available for adoption. To learn more about Austin Pets Alive!, visit