Austin FC Celebrates Pride Month

In honor of Pride month this June, Austin FC will celebrate four local LGBTQIA+ community leaders that strengthen and enrich our community.  The leaders include Educator and Los Verdes Board Member, Jesse Sosa, Chair of the Board of Directors for Out Youth, Ivan Davila, recording artist and musician, Gina Chavez, and CEO of Reverie Books, Thais Perkins.


Austin culture is known for its inclusive environment, which embraces and empowers individuals to love and live with authenticity.  The ability for the city to attract a diverse array of people has made a positive impact in a multitude of different ways.  “It is absolutely essential that all places in Austin encourage diversity”, says Ivan Davila.  “A community that is rich is a community that is inclusive, welcoming, supportive, and accepting of all cultures, languages, backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and beyond.  Diversity promotes and strengthens creativity as well as innovation – and therefore prosperity.”

Additionally, Austin is home to many businesses that intentionally empower historically under-represented communities, like Reverie Books owned by Thais Perkins.  “Raising up traditionally under-represented voices at Reverie Books - queer, yes, but also BIPOC and more - was the founding intent of Reverie”, says Thais.  “The importance of that has been proved up over and over by members of the community as they send letters, bring notes, leave testimonials.  There are young people who have told us they've never felt represented in a space like Reverie before, and that the power of the representation allows them to open their curious minds to the experiences of people who are not like them, which is the most powerful thing I can imagine.”

Leaders in our community continue to share their gifts, both to express themselves but also to inspire others to live their truth.  Gina Chavez, a world-renowned recording artist and musician, believes strongly in the power of her voice. “As someone who spent a long time living small, quieting my voice, trying not to take up too much space, I want to inspire others to do the opposite!  To live big, to own and share their stories, to SHINE! My last album, La Que Manda, was about women and femmes stepping into their power and my new album takes that to a new level. Lez go!”

Austin FC has been enriched by the impact of our players on the pitch, but most importantly, in the community.  The relationships built have established avenues for service. “I empower myself and the LGBTQ+ community by staying informed and being involved, most of which I can give credit to our favorite Austin FC Keeper, Brad Stuver”, said Jesse Sosa. “It was him serving on the board for Equality Texas and recommending me for the Equality Texas steering committee for Austin that I am empowering others today. Through Equality Texas I have learned so much about advocacy work and how important it is to have your voice heard!”

The sport of soccer has been described as “The World’s Game” because of its strong history of being enjoyed internationally.  That stated, there’s always room for improvement.  “To be fully transparent, I’ve never been a big soccer fan.  This is largely because as a child I was ridiculed in my attempts to play soccer – I grew up in Mexico”, shared Ivan.  “Classmates and neighborhood friends questioned my gender identity and sexual orientation only because I wasn’t good at playing soccer.  However, I’ve always acknowledged how sports – and in particular soccer have a way of bringing a community together.  I’d really like to see Austin FC continue to include, elevate, and support the LGBTQ+ community in its marketing efforts, community events, and in their games.  It would be incredibly beautiful – and even healing – to have a deep sense of authentic inclusivity for those of us who felt excluded from the soccer community as children.” 


  • Austin FC will also donate all proceeds from the Verde Store Round-Up Program during the month of June to Out Youth