2024 Season

Austin FC Celebrates International Pride Month


During Pride Month throughout June, MLS clubs including Austin FC are celebrating the work of LGBTQ+ leaders and recognizing their impact on communities around the league.

As part of Austin FC’s Pride Month celebration, the Club is highlighting Dana Brown, founder of Queer Vinyl Collective (QVC) and a well-known presence in Austin's vinyl scene. Dana is known as DJ Dana Scully, a nod to her admiration for queer icon Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame. Dana mixes a diverse range of genres, including disco, pop, and 80s/90s hip hop, with a special focus on queer artists.


“Being a long-time resident of Austin, it felt important to create roots with QVC in the place I love and connect with the city in a whole new way,” said Brown. “It’s been endlessly rewarding to give back and engage with this city, and I couldn’t imagine starting the Collective in any other place.”

Through QVC, Brown fosters inclusive and joyful spaces that bring people together through music. Her sets are a celebration of unity, creativity, and the vibrant spirit of the LGBTQ+ community.

“All people deserve to be treated with respect, and when places step up and choose to engage with underrepresented individuals, the impacts are like a domino effect, both for those individuals, and those that get to experience what they do,” said Brown. “QVC is a great example of encouraging a culture of inclusion, and our city has a golden opportunity to be a role model for how to better even the scales and support true diversity.”

On June 8, Austin FC will host the third annual Y’all Means All Cup, where fans can compete in an indoor soccer tournament benefiting Austin LGBT Chamber. Austin FC will celebrate its annual Pride Night on August 31, when players will wear Pride tops during warmups and CBS Austin’s Trevor Scott will perform the Heartbeat ritual before the match starts. The match will also include a rainbow Austin FC crest on all field boards, rainbow smoke for kickoff, and rainbow corner flags.

To learn more about QVC, visit their website: https://www.queervinyl.co/ or their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/queervinylco.