In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Austin FC worked with Austin artist Ulysses Cueto to design a Club-themed playing board for the beloved game of Lotería. Similar to American Bingo, Lotería is a staple game in Mexico.

Initially introduced to the Mexican elite, Lotería eventually became popular as part of traveling fairs, making it available to all social classes. The game has provided a sense of comfort and community throughout centuries of Mexican history.

To design an Austin FC-inspired Lotería board, the Club worked with Cueto, a native Texan and interdisciplinary artist raised in El Paso/Juárez who moved to Austin to further his journey as an artist. His first Austin mural went up in east Austin in 2016, and he has been creating in the city ever since.

Cueto’s self-described goal is to guide his audience in a direction where they think for themselves, and to spark conversion among communities about who they are and where they come from.

While Lotería is primarily a Mexican tradition, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates a wide range of Hispanic traditions and cultures. To download a copy of the board, click here. To see more of Cueto’s artwork, visit his Instagram page.

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