2024 Season

ATXFC Artist Initiative: Music


As part of the ATXFC Artist Initiative, the Club partnered with local non-profit Austin Classical Guitar to create an opportunity for local musical artists to connect with and motivate young people who are developing their ability to play. On April 11, 2024 in Q2 Stadium's Field Club, the Peterson Brothers Band shared their musical gifts and path with AISD students from Gus Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy / McCallum High School and Manor ISD students from Decker Middle School.

"Given Austin’s reputation as the 'Live Music Capital of the World', it’s vital that we as a Club use our platform to help shine a light on our local music community,” said Trennis Jones, VP of Community Impact for Austin FC. “The ATXFC Artist Initiative is just one great way in which we can do exactly that.”

The Peterson Brothers, born and raised in Bastrop, TX, have been enchanting audiences with their very own blend of Americana music consisting of classic Soul, Funk, Blues, and Jazz for over a decade. The dynamic duo consists of Glenn Jr. on vocals and guitar, and Alex, a GRAMMY® award-winning artist, on bass, vocals, and even the violin. Their musical journey began when their mother and grandmother bestowed upon them a treasure trove of assorted albums and a turntable from a garage sale, sparking a lifelong love affair with classical music.

“We felt deeply grateful and fulfilled to spend the afternoon with everyone! We’ve always aspired to have as many opportunities as possible to inspire and guide young individuals in their pursuit of music or any other passion in life", said Glenn Jr. & Alex Peterson. "Having the privilege to do it again is a blessing!"

Austin FC collaborated with Austin Classical Guitar (ACG), an Austin-based non-profit that works to inspire individuals in our community through musical experiences of deep personal significance since 2001. ACG delivers programming, in partnership with Austin ISD and Manor ISD (amongst others), to teach students to play guitar as part of their in-school curriculum.

"Having a chance to partner with Austin FC, bring sixty students from three campuses to Q2 stadium, and spend a thrilling afternoon with locally raised super talents like the Peterson Brothers, is just the kind of unforgettable experience that will deeply impact our students for years to come", said Dr. Matthew Hinsley, Executive Director of ACG.

ATXFC Artist Initiative: Peterson Brothers