Do you have questions about livestreaming Austin FC matches during the 2021 season? We have answers for you below. If you still have questions after reading through these, feel free to email us  at and we'll respond to you directly, and might even add your question below to our FAQ.

 I'm having trouble accessing the stream?

Our  livestream's are available to the regional Austin area. If you are in our broadcast region and are having difficulties accessing the stream, ouradvice is to first close and re-open the app. Then, if there are still issues, please ensure you have location settings turned on for the app. To function, the app needs to know where you are. 

 Who Can Access The Stream?

Anyone with a smartphone, tablet or connected device who lives in the Austin greater metropolitan area, or in San Antonio and surrounding counties. If you want to check if you can watch, you can do so by entering your zip code here. 

 What is the best way to access the stream?

The online stream at and on the Austin FC app is free for fans inside Austin FC's designated broadcast region. The majority of our fans in our region will be able to livestream the match for free. Fans who are unsure if they are within our broadcast region can check by entering your zip code here. 

 What is the best way to access the stream?

For the best experience, fans are encouraged to access the livestream on a personal or private WiFi network. Fans outside the local broadcast region may be blocked from viewing our livestream. If you're unsure if you are within the club's designated broadcast region, check by entering your zip code here.

 What time will the streams start?

Livestreaming on the Austin FC app and on will usually begin with a pre-show, 30 minutes before kickoff. For example, if a match is advertised as a 7:30 CT kickoff, the livestream will begin at 7:00PM CT. 

 Are all Austin FC Matches being streamed?

All regionally televised Austin FC regular season MLS matches will be livestreamed on the AustinFC app. Check back for a more detailed list of matches in the near future.

 What if I l don't live in the Austin FC broadcast region?

If you live outside of Austin FC's broadcast territory, you will have access to watch Austin FC's regionally televised matches via ESPN+.

 Where can I download the Austin FC App?

If you have an iOS device CLICK HERE.

If you have an android device CLICK HERE.