4.16 Letter

A Letter To Our Fans: Thank You and Let's Do This Together

When Austin FC’s starting eleven walk out of the tunnel towards midfield in the customary processional march just ahead of tomorrow's 5:00pm CDT kickoff, your Club will physically and spiritually take the final steps of this incredible pre-launch journey. 

And in that moment, immediately before kickoff, we hope you will allow yourself to be overwhelmed with happiness, civic pride, and a great sense of accomplishment. This Club and this moment are a reflection of your belief and your support, and we want to say thank you to each of you who have made this day possible and this dream come true.  

Thank you to our local elected officials and staff members who helped build a vision of an innovative, healthy, and long-term partnership. 

Thank you to those of you who participated in the public process of establishing Austin FC and formed a bond with others along the way.  

Thank you to our corporate partners who have, time and time again, demonstrated your love of our community and your commitment to help Austin FC become a standard bearer in our League.  

Thank you to our construction community for remarkable achievements under extraordinary circumstances.  

Thank you to our staff and extended family of contributors for your tireless efforts to build a Club for all of Austin to cherish and thank you for exceeding expectations at nearly every opportunity.  

Thank you to our players for believing in this Club and this city, and allowing a generation of young children in this community the opportunity to discover new heroes.  

Thank you to our Co-Owner, M.O.C, and ambassador, Matthew McConaughey, for your tireless efforts to deliver the message of our Club and this community to the world. 

And thank you, countless times over, to our amazing supporters and supporter groups who have grown this Club upon this fertile ground we proudly call home. You are truly inspirational.  

So in that important moment before we collectively rise to our feet and allow ourselves to be wrapped up in the emotion of our first ever match, please know that you have helped build the foundation for generations of Austin FC fans to enjoy a lifetime of memories.  

Thank you to all, and let's do this together!