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Verde Van Brings Austin FC to the People

It was love at first sight. 

That’s what happened when the Austin FC marketing team first set eyes on the 1983 Chevy Barth when they were scouting candidates for the Club’s mobile retail shop. They were initially thinking about transforming a food truck, and even went to an Austin company that specializes in them to start their search. And that’s how the Barth — technically an RV, but with a definite tour bus vibe — was picked to become the Verde Van. 

The Verde Van will make its debut on Wednesday, starting a multi-day tour through Austin to allow Austin FC fans to lay their hands on the Club’s first-ever primary jersey and other merch. The items on board the Verde Van will include the brand-new primary jersey for the Club’s debut season. It’ll even include a heat press, so fans can get their jerseys personalized right from the Verde Van’s order window. 

The Verde Van will park at one to two locations a day, and will be accessible throughout Austin hitting locations in all the four quadrants of the city: North, South, East, and West. 

It’s also notable that the Club plans to utilize the Verde Van during daytime and evening hours, and maybe even beyond, with late-night stops like Hotel Vegas part of the Club’s plan for what the Verde Van can deliver to fans. The Van can even put on its own entertainment — the rooftop space can accommodate a DJ or a solo performer to provide music. 

Austin FC will use its social channels — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — to communicate where the Verde Van will be each day it’s out. 

Fans can make appointments to purchase the Club’s primary jersey and other merch from the Verde Van, starting today HERE. 

It’s important to note that anyone coming to the Verde Van will have to maintain social distancing and wear a mask, with current public health concerns top of mind for Austin FC. For other options Click HERE