Chef Sam's Specials: Oct. 9


Burrito Asadero | Casa Chapala (Section 121)
Listos? A massive flour tortilla is stuffed with chile marinated steak, pico de gallo, monterrey jack cheese and charro beans.

El Rey Smoked Sandwich | Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ (Section 137)
It's not called El Rey for nothing. Homemade OG sausage, mesquite smoked pulled pork and signature chopped brisket all-in-one. Topped with Valentina's BBQ sauce and fresh crispy slaw.

The Impossible Burger | Grillove (Section 101)
A veggie option, as well as vegan without cheese upon request. Flat-grilled and seared impossible meat, seasoned with original verde spice rub, cheese, LTO and crispy french fries.